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How Therapy Can Help

How Therapy Can Help

EMDR can be used to treat all forms of trauma and combines a cognitive and body-based approach to process difficult, thoughts, feelings or events. Originally used for PTSD it now used successfully to treat complex trauma, anxiety, sleep problems, phobias and many other issues. Essentially it reduces distressing emotions and physical sensations associated with traumatic memory. 

Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses art as its primary mode of communication. Clients who benefit from art therapy can have a wide range of issues. These can range from emotional, behavioural and mental health problems to learning disabilities, neurological conditions and physical illness.

Like any form of psychotherapy, the aim of art therapy is to work with clients to increase their self-awareness and to help them process and manage difficult feelings or behaviours. The result of this can be increased motivation, confidence and insight. In addition to this the creative process can build manual dexterity and the use of art materials can be soothing and help to regulate emotions.

In my career I have used art psychotherapy and EMDR to work towards positive outcomes for clients with the following conditions: 






Low self-esteem


Attachment issues

Trauma resulting from sexual, physical and emotional abuse and neglect

Trauma resulting from accident, injury, natural disaster and terrorism

Get Started with Therapy

To arrange an initial meeting you can call/text me on 07970571155, email me at, or click the button to fill out the contact form.

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